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I just received my Calyana Professional Mat & I'm beyond satisfied. It is unbelievably sturdy, yet comfortable & has the best traction I've ever experienced on any mat in my 20+ year experience practicing Yoga.
Thank you so much for producing an environmentally focused, long lasting, high functioning, and beautiful product.
Much Oblige,
Eric Clothier



"As a long time user of a leading black Yoga mat,  I was a bit skeptical
about using a different mat.  Between teaching and practicing Yoga, I
typically spend 30 plus hours a week on my mat, so finding a mat I feel
comfortable on is essential for me. The Calyana Professional black mat
has been amazing since the first time I used it. It didn't take any time
to break-in. The mat is firm yet surprisingly cushy, and has a 'memory foam
feel' that melts to wherever your body makes contact. It makes balancing
poses steady, floor poses comfortable and hot classes not slippery. I have
and will continue to highly recommend the Calyana mats to beginners,
advanced practitioners, and everyone in between."
Sara Deakin, Yoga Instructor RYT 500, Professional Yogaworks Training Mentor


I used a Calyana Yoga Mat left in the room as demo at Yoga Journal Conference

Estes Park, Colorado in September. This was such a great idea for you to allow us to try

the mats for a full class! Best mat ever. No Slipping! Thank you for letting me try your mat!

I wish I had purchased one at the conference.

Andrea H. A.


The Calyana Yoga Mat Review

Yoga Mat Blues

Being a yoga retreat company, of no fixed abode, moving from venue to venue throughout the UK and abroad, we need a lot of yoga mats, especially if we have 4 retreats on the same weekend!  Even though mats call themselves sticky mats, hands and feet can have a tendency to slide at the most inopportune times. We met Calyana at the Om Yoga Show this year (2014) and we had a go, and were instantly hooked!

 5 reasons why we like the Calyana yoga mat

1. 100% anti slip: As soon as I lifted my hips into downward dog, hands and feet foundations firmly pressing into the mat, I could tell that my hands weren’t going anywhere.  The mat feels heavier than the average mat but this reassured me that it is durable and will last for ages. This is because of the 100% anti slip thanks to sophisticated texture and underside with circular pattern

2. Comfortably cushioned. Not only has the focus been on anti slip and durability, they have even thought about comfort too.  Under the hands, arms or even head, I felt totally supported by the mat, although it is thinner than the average sticky mat it feels thick and stable.

3. 100% sustainable mat.  As always, this is very important to us.  The mats are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany and they are tested for harmful substances with  Oeko-Tex Standard and they passed with 100%.  These mats are manufactured using sustainable materials with environmentally friendly technologies.

4. Experts in foam! Designed by AIREX in Switzerland, these guys have over 50 years of experience in foam and originally make gymnastic mats so they know about cushioning, support and durability.

5. Easy to carry and easy to clean: If you love to travel with your mat, then this is the one to go for. Light weight, take it on a short holiday or a trip of a lifetime..it will be with you til the end!

Adventure Yogi






I have been using my Inversion Swing everyday for over two decades.  It has saved me a fortune in chiropractic care.  I have a neck problem that is relieved by using my Inversion Swing, and my whole back benefits as well.

For years before purchasing my Inversion Swing, I included shoulder stands and head stands in my yoga routine.  While wonderful for circulation and the internal organs, those two yoga postures may have aggravated my neck problems.  Now I get the same benefits of inversion in a way that helps, rather than hurts my neck.

And the fact that I am still using the same Inversion Swing after two decades demonstrates it's quality construction and durability.

I recommend the Inversion Swing to all my friends, and give it the highest rating.

Ken Jenkins